Tenet ★★★½

My first theater experience since Birds of Prey pre-COVID. Don’t worry, it was a matinee and there were all of four other people scattered around the theater. I wouldn’t have seen it on a weekend or if the theater was packed. I know better than that. 

Definitely a theater experience though. It’s an epic film where Christopher Nolan once again toys with time, though this is perhaps his most complex venture yet. While I am able to discern what happened and why to a large degree, the sound design absolutely crushes dialogue under booming bass and music. This movie’s in English but I need subtitles! Here I thought Garden Tool Massacre would be the only film where that’s the case. I’m fairly confident in a four-star rating for this even if the nuances of the plot are still murky. The performances, music, and smart plotting and creative fight choreography make this the best film I’ve seen in theaters in 2020 thus far. Christopher Nolan knows how to make brainy blockbusters.

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