Phantom Thread ★★★★★

 I think it's the expectations and assumptions of others that cause heartache.

PTA filmed this without a cinematographer and Phantom thread still ends up being a masterpiece. It’s a masterclass in lighting, location, cinematography, colour, character and costume. The score is grandly masterful, which only adds to the traditional setting. An intoxicating, seductive, controlling, delicious film disguised as arthouse which challenges the romance genre. Daniel Day Lewis ends his career in style, an equally matched performance from Vicky Krieps. Location and costume become the characters which drive this character study. In the end, Alma treats life like a game, something she accuses Woodcock of doing and becomes part of the toxicity in this relationship, accompanying Woodcock’s toxic masculinity. 

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Fun fact: At $35 million, this is director Paul Thomas Anderson's second-highest budgeted movie after Magnolia, at $37 million.

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