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  • Toyuki


    Setsuko Hara briefly appears playing herself in this Shirley Yamaguchi propaganda picture, right after the former had been so terrible trying to play Chinese girls the previous year, while Yamaguchi was obviously a far more natural talent, having been raised in China and fully assimilated into Chinese language and culture. In that respect, Eastern Trip Diary marks the passing of the torch from one actress to another as Japan's leading Chinese propaganda star of the 1940s.

    Yamaguchi's singing voice was…

  • The Giant

    The Giant

    Setsuko Hara's Japanese-French follow-up to The Daughter of the Samurai national picture released the previous year, based on the story of Les Miserables. Co-stars Denjiro Okochi as Japan's most famous pre-war period film actor.

    The Giant was made for export to France and Allied Western Europe, but the Japanese loved seeing Setsuko play western-style characters in these late 1930s films too.

  • I Graduated, But...

    I Graduated, But...

    Impossible to rate since it's but a fragment of an otherwise lost film. Boring to watch, but the composition looks attractive and good.

  • Fighting Friends

    Fighting Friends

    It's not fair to assign a star rating, since this is but a fragment of an otherwise lost film. That said, the fragment was borderline unwatchable. Standard early Ozu plot of two young men competing for a girl, but excessively melodramatic, poorly acted, and then what do you know except the girl rides off with someone else and the two friends reunite and wish her well. Couldn't be less realistic.

  • Dragnet Girl

    Dragnet Girl

    I need to watch this again. Upon first viewing, I thought this was a formally accomplished, visually delightful but ultimately disappointing slog of a soap opera film. As I started to write a review, the thought occurred to me that Tokiko's psychotic and unpredictable nature are at the very heart of the story. Maybe it was all one big giant Yasujiro Ozu joke.