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  • Seven Seas: Chastity Chapter

    Seven Seas: Chastity Chapter

    These early Shimizu soap operas are a real drag.

  • Seven Seas: Virginity Chapter

    Seven Seas: Virginity Chapter

    As I continue watching Hiroshi Shimizu films, this was even worse than Eternal Hearts. Frankly, it was unwatchable dreck. Not looking forward to the sequel at all.

  • The Cruel Sea

    The Cruel Sea

    This was actually so boring and uninteresting that it felt like a counterintelligence propaganda film developed by the U.S. Navy.

    Setsuko Hara looks pretty cute in one scene though.

  • Suicide Troops of the Watchtower

    Suicide Troops of the Watchtower

    Boring, almost unwatchable Japanese-Korean propaganda picture made during World War II. There are some great still pictures of Setsuko Hara carrying pistols and manning a machine gun turret, but I don't remember seeing any of that in the movie except for maybe one brief shot. Highly disappointing.

  • A Straightforward Boy

    A Straightforward Boy

    Pretty terrible ad-hoc short (Ozu spontaneously directed this after wrapping his previous film). The little boy Tomio Aoki became so popular that he changed his name to the Japanese title of the film, Tokkankozo, which means "The Boy Who Charges Into You".

  • Fighting Friends

    Fighting Friends

    Two guys run a girl over with their truck, then take her home to be their girlfriend. Pretty weird. Understandable she runs away and marries the first next guy she meets.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    Honestly I have no idea how anybody likes this movie. The first film was decent, kinda bloated, but this was poorly directed and atrociously acted (with a few exceptions).

  • Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?

    Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?

    Love Ozu but I hated this film. The lead character starts out as an unlikeable frat boy and ends up even more unlikeable, repeatedly hitting his friend-turned-employee in the face.

    But there's no anti-hero here. Let's all hold hands and walk off happily ever after at the end.

  • A Straightforward Boy

    A Straightforward Boy

    Love Ozu, but this was terrible and poorly set up. Somehow became a viral sensation and the little kid actor, Tomio Aoki, even changed his name to the title of the movie, Tokkankozô, to capitalize on its popularity.

    Black comedy can be funny and ok, but it's especially important to frame the scenario correctly. I just felt like that wasn't the case here.