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  • Mr. Thank You

    Mr. Thank You


    You know what? I'm moving this up to 5 stars. I watched it again, and Mr. Thank You is one of my favorite movies ever. Arigatō, Shimizu-san!

  • A Hero of Tokyo

    A Hero of Tokyo

    More awful melodrama from early Shimizu. I have no idea how he went from Japanese Girls at the Harbor to this and Mr. Thank You (one of my favorite films ever) the very next year.

    Extra half-star for Michiko Kuwano and her all-too brief screen time.

  • Japanese Girls at the Harbor

    Japanese Girls at the Harbor

    Japanese Girls at the Harbor ranks as the best of Hiroshi Shimizu's early silent films, and the only one I can recommend. There's still an imitative, melodramatic construction to the characters and the plot; however, he really shortened the scene and shot lengths here. The faster pace and tempo allows the adventurous editing and lyrical, poetic visual flourishes to outshine the written material.

    Truly beautiful ending, with a wonderful piano score commissioned by The Criterion Collection.

  • A Woman Crying in Spring

    A Woman Crying in Spring

    Every early Shimizu film I've seen has been awfully melodramatic, and A Woman Crying in Spring veers in that direction too, but it's clear location shooting inspired him to finally let his films breathe. There's spontaneity that would define his later, better films. This one was just average.

  • Seven Seas: Chastity Chapter

    Seven Seas: Chastity Chapter

    These early Shimizu soap operas are a real drag.

  • Seven Seas: Virginity Chapter

    Seven Seas: Virginity Chapter

    As I continue watching Hiroshi Shimizu films, this was even worse than Eternal Hearts. Frankly, it was unwatchable dreck. Not looking forward to the sequel at all.

  • Eternal Heart

    Eternal Heart

    Dreadful. Even my man Shimizu had to start somewhere.

    I'm giving an extra half star because the movie ended ten minutes sooner than the YouTube runtime.

  • Mr. Thank You

    Mr. Thank You


    I've seen this movie many times, and it's a personal favorite. Michko Kuwano can sit behind me and drink booze whenever she wants.

  • Woman Unveiled

    Woman Unveiled

    It's always nice to see Setsuko Hara and Kyoko Kagawa, but I'll be honest, this was nauseating-- dialogue heavy with direction and editing not to my taste.

  • Early Spring

    Early Spring


    Early Spring is two films: one, it's a superb rumination on the disillusionment of corporate salaryman life; and two, it's Ozu's ultimate husband-wife marriage film. The main characters in this movie are tired people. They are tired because they have the same routine every day. They are tired because they are bored and overworked. They are tired because their only child died. This might be the most tired movie in the history of cinema, and that's why its length as…

  • Sudden Rain

    Sudden Rain

    Another bland and tepid Naruse film. :/

  • Sound of the Mountain

    Sound of the Mountain

    I have to admit I don't get most of Naruse's cinema. It seems like 50 different shades of indulgent soapbox for women to crawl in and commiserate about their unfair suffering. Repast was the one Setsuko Hara - Mikio Naruse collaboration I loved because the main character actually had some subversive spirit.

    Here in The Sound of the Mountain, Hara's character just suffers, and suffers, and then she suffers some more. There's seemingly no end to her suffering, because there's…