Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★

Archeology professor slash adventurous treasure hunter Indiana Jones tries to uncover the fabled Ark of the Covenant, but the Nazis, who try to do the same, constitute a recurring thorn in his side.

In true Steven Spielberg fashion, Raiders of the Lost Ark manages to be bring an experiences packed with — bloody/gory even — thriller/horror elements to the screen in an (almost) completely family friendly manner. What I treasure about the Indiana Jones films (this first instalment specifically), is the humour of it all. Raiders of the Lost Ark is so damn funny, so much of its damn runtime, yet rarely because a witty character cracks a joke; no, it's truly cinematic magic that makes the comedy elements work here, elevating the whole 'atmosphere' of the film, and hence the experience of watching something that looks shocking, but doesn't feel that way.

Can't leave it at that without mentioning the character of Marion however. As things go, the female lead, despite made out to be badass, has very little agency, is treated badly by men, which is than brushed off too easily, and is forced to be a 'pretty face in a pretty dress' for no apparent reason. Yes it's the 80s, and yes maybe I'm overly critical about this, but it's something that annoys me about the otherwise highly entertaining viewing experience.

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