Naked Childhood

Naked Childhood ★★★

Stage 19: Mourenx > Libourne, 207.0 km (flat)
Winner: Matej Mohorič (Bahrain - Victorious)
Yellow Jersey: Tadej Pogačar (UAE-Team Emirates)
Verdict: What had all the hallmarks of an unexciting sprint finish, turned into quite the battle when a large group of strong riders rode away from the peloton towards the early breakaway about halfway through the stage. The peloton couldn't take back control, and so these twenty riders got the chance to fight it out amongst each other. For many, this was their opportunity for a first big win, but instead it was Mohorič who took his second of this Tour.

100-word review: François is a ten years old foster child 'given back' to the care system by his temporary foster family because of his disorderly behaviour. He's then sent to an older, more experienced couple, under whose guidance François' behaviour improves a little bit. After initially being shocked by the cat-featuring scenes (Fang looks too much like my own cat, so those were gut-punching), I came to appreciate Naked Childhood's message about the averse effects of temporality and instability during childhood; François' erratic life is mirrored by his erratic persona — short moments of grace don't make up for systemic complications.

Part of my June & July 2021 Tour de France challenge; 19th out of 21 films.

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