Seaspiracy ★½

The opening with the segment on Taiji really gripped me, but the more the documentary went on the more I started to get annoyed.

The director, who goes around interviewing people for the majority of the documentary, seems like a really difficult person to talk to. 
His questions to his interviewees are confrontational and only used as traps, making the conversation he’s trying to have almost impossible. His whole approach is just really overly aggressive.
It’s really hard to agree with him or his issues because of how unlikeable he comes off.
This documentary also has some weird editing and feels like it jumps from topic to topic way too much, it can be a bit overwhelming almost right away and was just structured poorly.

Although this documentary does focus around important issues, Seaspiracy feels more like something a YouTuber would make more than something i’d see on Netflix. The director makes it feel self-centered, it comes off somewhat emotionally manipulative, and it’s just weirdly put together.

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