• Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    everyone who relates to this movie letterboxd puts on a watchlist. just so you know.

  • Kill the Moonlight

    Kill the Moonlight


    Truth be told in life to obtain something you’ve never had you must do something you’ve never done. In the globalized dystopia we currently reside in, daring to dream is too much to ask. The small town success story of realizing your dreams is growing more futile than the thought of materializing your dreams. Chance is dreamer. A Driver. A Winner, but more importantly a loser, a nobody who never even had the opportunity to be a somebody. If only he…

  • Uncle Goddamn

    Uncle Goddamn

    Do you remember when the phrase "found footage" wasn’t reduced to to first time filmmakers thinking they’re Fred Vogel or a clip show hosted by spastic man children career comic book guys?

    Of Course you don’t. Back in a time when you had to put in effort to see the depraved, deranged, and disgusting things you have access to in seconds at the tip of your fingers now, you HAD to put work in. Work involving meeting a guy named…

  • Trail of Blood

    Trail of Blood


    Think about white people and their obsession with true crime. Think Beyond the bored housewives with daytime investigation discovery on in the background while they sink into valium delirium, or mousey and virginal last podcast on the left girl stans paranoid any man who comes near them is going to decapitate and skullfuck them, or even Peter Sotos and his collecting hard evidence of the kind of information we feel guilty leaving in our search history in a pre-Internet society…

  • They Eat Scum

    They Eat Scum


    Nostalgia is a disease and we’re all down with the sickness. The Romanticization of golden age nyc and the lower east side in the 80s is a polished spotty memory for the good times and nothing else, like our affinity for classic cars without the critical honesty of their poor fuel economy and unreliable ignition systems in daily use. No, We only remember what we want to or have been led to. Like your first time seeing the dead boys,…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    talk about exploiting mental illness. 
    this motherfucker killed his sister back in 1963 and has been slashing sluts for 4 decades since. and people say the incel phenomenon is a modern one. 
    smh do your research sweetie 

    laurie & michael. it’s complicated… 
    the myers - strode love affair is one that 
    goes further back than carpenters hairline

  • Ta Strumf sto feggari

    Ta Strumf sto feggari


    Yo listen up here’s a little story, About a little guy in a blue costume, And all day and all night everything he sees is just blue, inside his costume. He’s blue and in need of an adult, he’s blue and he’s been roofied. 
    With friends like these, amirite?

    Have you ever watched one of those worldstar clips where someone is dared to do something stupid, gets knocked unconscious and all the people they called their friends immediately pickpocket them? 


  • The Killer Inside Me

    The Killer Inside Me


    "Dontcha Think I’m Psycho, Mama?" 
    Welcome to central city, Montana. A Quiet and quaint little town where no one raises hell …quite like a deputy sheriff does. He is the law, and he’s a homicidal schizophrenic. Lou Ford (Stacy Keach), A Fractured man of courage, honor, and integrity. Law without order in city led by patronizing politicians letting psychopaths and sexual deviants out on bail. A Model civil servant who never quite added up in the eyes of his academic…

  • The Burning Moon

    The Burning Moon


    im interviewing mr ittenbach this week, is there anything you cretins wanna know?

  • Deadbeat at Dawn

    Deadbeat at Dawn


    The Celluloid equivalent to an absolute mental breakdown, A PCP hangover bloodbath. White trash loser-made cinema to entertain or please no being with emotions. With a cast of real life human garbage that only exist now in instagram biker nostalgia pages, directed by a burnout who dropped out of film school with only knowledge of the bare necessities of filmmaking. Made in desperation and years of turmoil, like you knowing you’ll never escape your hometown with nothing better to do…

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66

    anxiously waiting the day gallo goes mask off and reveals his life was one long performance art piece about being the most insufferable artfag ever

  • Aftermath


    now that’s what i call cracking open a cold one