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  • Death Shock

    Death Shock


    A porno without sex is like a burgerless hamburger... Two buns with no meat. Death Shock is both a porno without penetration and a horror with nothing scary about it - why? Simply because it’s as described on its box as a "sexy spoof" of hammer horror. All the dry humping on a sedan can’t save me from hating this movie solely of its homage to hammer. Along the dreary english countryside the only thing louder than the sheep‘s baahing…

  • Alien Beasts

    Alien Beasts


    So you like movies that makes sense and follow the rules? Too bad! because this is ALIEN BEASTS. This is filmmaking Carl’s way. Carl, wrote, directed, narrated, and stars in his own movie commanding a group of (unexplained government branch) agents who specialize in martial arts on a daring mission to save the world from an invasion of people horribly mutated by radiation, terrorists were in garbage bags, and a "hideous extra dimensional being" that has broken into the mortal…

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  • Age of Demons

    Age of Demons


    I thought I had seen it all I thought I was ready, but alas I simply wasn’t. Deep in a cardboard dungeon a women is bound, helpless and surrounded by halloween decorations and a mutilated bart simpson doll, but this is no ordinary cardboard dungeon. This a portal to another realm - the mind of Damon Foster! The 100th victim of zordak is awaiting sacrifice by the traffic cone bra’d ilsa impersonator alongside her punk power ranger guards and slutty sorceresses.…

  • Debbie Does Damnation

    Debbie Does Damnation


    It’s lonely at the top. After sleeping her way to head cheerleader of the cowboys Debbie falls from her milky white ivory tower and straight to hell (after jumping from it.) Actually none of that happens but it’s pretty damn near close. After a different Debbie awakes hogtied awaiting being hacked up for barbecue by a blood covered Nic Cage lookalike. Caught in a serious bind, the bare maiden is propositioned by the devil himself to untie her on one…