Tenet ★★★★

2000 Christopher Nolan: What if you couldn’t experience the passage of time because you couldn’t make new memories?
2010 Christopher Nolan: Did you know that you experience time faster when you’re dreaming?
2014 Christopher Nolan: Did you know that time is relative?
2017 Christopher Nolan: What if you could see the same events from three different timeframes?
2020 Christopher Nolan: What if time was INVERTED?

All jokes aside, Tenet is another mindbender from Nolan that demonstrates both his strengths and weaknesses as a filmmaker; using a high concept idea, premise, or plot device to tell a relatively simple story with potentially underdeveloped characters.
The cast is solid, but the characters are only as fleshed out as the plot needs them to be, resulting in us knowing more about the damsel in distress than we do about the protagonist - who is literally called The Protagonist.
Despite this movie’s shortcomings, I can’t honestly say Nolan made any mistakes, because he knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows which aspects of a given story are more important than others. In The Prestige, he knew fleshing out both main characters was more important than having a clear hero and villain. In the Dark Knight trilogy, he knew that faithfulness to the comics was a priority, but not a top priority. In Dunkirk and Tenet, he knew that the story was more important than the characters in it. Whether or not you enjoy that kind of movie depends on your personal preferences.
Tenet is definitely one of Nolan’s most confusing films the first time you watch it, but if you’re okay with that then strap in, because you’re in for a trip.

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