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  • The Hot Rock

    The Hot Rock


    Dortmunder, Robert Redford, has just been released from jail and within five minutes he is already planning his next heist with his lockpicking brother-in-law Kelp, George Segal. Kelp tells Dortmunder he already has a great lookout and the driver arranged and the plan is set.

    The driver, Murch, Ron Liebman, is a hotrod drive'n nutjob that Liebman plays so over the top that it would make even Zero Mostel blush, and Mostel is in the film! Paul Sand plays Greenburg…

  • Commandos Strike at Dawn

    Commandos Strike at Dawn


    A WWII propaganda extravaganza starring Paul Muni as peace-loving Norwegian father whose town is invaded by Nazi troops. Within what seems like only a few weeks he organizes an underground resistance with fellow villagers. Watching this it's hard not to wonder what you would do if a situation like that ever develops. Of course, Paul Muni manages to escape to England, get the Brit Navy on board and become a Commando! Makes for one hell of a recruitment flick that's for sure.

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  • The Child of Paris

    The Child of Paris


    Made in 1913 this film is so advanced in film technique, camera techniques and placement, character development and length (over two hours!) that it leaves my silent film director hero, D.W. Griffith in the dust.

    This film is ostensibly about a young girl being kidnapped and eventually recovered by her father, who the authorities mistakenly believe had died at war. But of course it is really about how greedy and poorly humans can treat each other. Since there are few…

  • Arrowhead



    This is one of those movies that was likely a dynamite novel that proved too difficult to modify into a screenplay. The result was a lot of strange dialog exposition which required the audience to make giant leaps to keep up. Thankfully just when I thought all was lost the computer, (which for all practical purposes is a member of the cast) explains what has happened.

    Still, if you are a science fiction nerd like myself this is worth your time.