Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★★

There have been moments lately when I've really felt my age. The creaking bones, the lethargy of a middle-aged man, even the grumpiness of 27 years of night-shift are starting to show. My wife, my dog, movies, and my LB friends keep me going as the hot weather saps what little energy I have left, but then it's time to kick back and enjoy some me time. First up, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
There are movies that are so silly and so much fun that you can't help but lose yourself in them. Edgar Wright's first foray into Hollywood is just that, a film that indulges the weird and the wonderful without remorse. It's pure unadulterated joy as everyone's favorite geek Michael Cera falls in love with Mary Elizabeth Winstead ( he ain't stupid is he?) which in turn opens up a battle with Ramona's "evil exes" with an original looking video-game style aesthetic. It's a crazy idea that just works with such creative energy and tongue-in-cheek bravado you can't help but love it. Cera is cute and endearing, and Winstead is just stunningly attractive to the point of distraction. This works for me on so many levels and assures me that there will always be something new that will reignite my enthusiasm for movies if it ever wavered. Up a star to the full five, this just keeps getting better with every watch.

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