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  • Red Dragon

    Red Dragon


    The fact that so many people rate Manhunter so highly, was just one of the reasons that Brett Ratner's Red Dragon was on to a loser with some people before it even opened. With Brian Cox's Hannibal Lecter a hard act to follow, Sir Anthony Hopkins did exactly that in The Silence of the Lambs, with a performance that won every award except a Michelin Star. Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter was magnetic, terrifying, and his darkly exuberant mannerisms made you respect…

  • The Public Enemy

    The Public Enemy


    This film now officially becomes the oldest I've seen since I joined Letterboxd back in 2012. It takes that mantle from Michael Curtiz's Captain Blood, and as an early gangster film this sure set out to make sure everyone knew that crime doesn't pay and that the scourge of the petty criminal would be defeated by those with the power to do so. There's both a prologue and an epilogue here apprising the audience of that fact, something I'd never…

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  • The Fighting 69th

    The Fighting 69th


    This film might well have James Cagney's name at the top of those three billed headliners, but I'd argue that this film is more about Pat O'Brien's portrayal of Father Francis P. Duffy. Duffy was a chaplain within the US Army who became a legendary figure during his time in the front line in WWI, giving first aid and help to wounded soldiers in the thick of battle. Director William Keighley's film has been viewed by very few here on…

  • The Comancheros

    The Comancheros


    I thought it was quite odd to see John Wayne listed as a co-director here, but after a little read about director Michael Curtiz's medical condition during the production, that description would seem quite apt. The Comancheros was Curtiz's last film that he would participate in directing, and although it might not be as showy or as famous as Casablanca or The Adventures of Robin Hood, there's enough of Curtiz's style here to see how talented he was behind the…

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