Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

Guys, I have to confess something, and I know I'll get hate for it, but I don't care... after really thinking about it, I LOVED Batman V Superman. This may be the most important film of the century, and Zack Snyder is a genius. I mean, who doesn't love a movie that sets up its hopeful, optimistic tone by beginning with a terrorist shooting Jimmy Olsen in the face! Then we have the murderous, psychopathic Batman who also mercilessly tortured criminals. It's so refreshing to have a Batman who doesn't have all of those boring-schmoring morals that make him compelling or interesting.

Next we have a selfish, hypocritical and cruel Superman, who had nothing but contempt for humanity! I loved that he took no responsibility for his actions and instead brooded and stayed emotionally distant and cold, it really represents a generation and instills hope in children and teaches them to be good people. Screw Christopher Reeve, he's a pussy. Why would he having graceful warnings and not menacing threats, like the REAL Superman we know and love? Don't forget Wonder Woman, who had so much significance and consequence to the plot it's almost as if she could just be taken out of the movie altogether! Her accent was just 👌 too.

Who could forget the loud, obnoxious and hyper violent, endless, exhausting and miserable fight scenes that last forever and have no dramatic impact except the billions of dollars of damage and the thousands of lives killed in the wreckage, who our heroes have no value for? Who could forget the villain, Lex Luthor, who has no motivation at all other than he hates Superman (for some reason that's never established?)! Lois Lane, the strong, independent reporter who never stops whining and falling from tall things only to be saved last second. It's almost as if Zack Snyder really wants to kill her off, for Superman to get even more cold and angry, to fit his own selfish agenda of his biased interpretation. Doomsday, he really added to the movie. Looked excellent, like a combination of an The Amazing Bulk and a Ninja Turtle. He truly was the clever foil to the Justice League, orchestrated perfectly when they just hit each other a lot really hard with reckless abandon.

BEST of all was the nihilistic, joyless, pretentious "philosophical" message it had about power, that it's all corrupting and never for good. It's the most hopeful and idealistic message to tell a generation of corrupt politicians, school shootings, terrorist attacks, fear and hate mongering, and nuclear threats from foreign countries. Really teaches us to be strong with our fists and not our heads, that's smart. Really stays true to what audiences need. Boy, did I LOVE Batman V Superman, I had a blast. The biggest and most badass movie ever. Flawless execution.

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