Tenet ★★★★

I'm gonna go with a tentative 4-star here but this movie basically requires a rewatch for just about anyone outside of those who simply didn't like it (and that's perfectly fine)

But for those of us who were into it, the movie ends practically begging you to watch it again, and you just know you have to.

But it ain't gonna be in a theater for me. This movie was murdering my ears! Always like this with Nolan movies. They are your eardrums' nightmare.

On to the movie itself, I absolutely loved the ending. In fact, the more it went, the more I was into it. But also, the better it was, I felt. The start was really... I wouldn't say bad but almost. I think Nolan opened with a pretty shitty scene that did exactly the opposite of what you want an opening scene to do in a movie, which is, to ease the viewer into your world.

Here we are thrown into it, and even if I was ready for that, it still caught me off-guard. There's nothing to anchor yourself to, both emotionally and realistically, it's just a barrage of sound and unpleasantness that I was hoping would stop as soon as possible.

But then the story happens. The mystery is introduced. Nolan works his magic as usual. He introduces his characters, his concepts, his world, his setpieces in the most bombastic way imaginable, always. He always goes for the head. This time, we are thrown into it again, but we're ready. We can take the blows.

And by the time the absolutely delightful and surprisingly emotional ending hit, I knew I liked this movie. How much? Can't ultimately tell without a rewatch.

But this is a good way to start.

Stunts - ??/100 | Can’t tell what’s CGI or not anymore in terms of stunts.

Narrative - ??/100 | Can’t tell if I understood everything but I think I have a pretty good grasp about it. In need of a rewatch.

Fight Choreography - 70/100 | Just for the inverted fight choreography I have to give points to this movie for originality.

Enjoyment - 79/100 | A shoddy 1st act is my main complain here.

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