Lethal Panther ★★★★½

A Godfrey Ho movie with a coherent storyline? Well that's a first!

There are trash movies, and then there’s this. This is a masterpiece of trash. It is time for a popcorn offering because Lethal Panther ascends from the mortal realms into the pantheon of exquisite trash B-movies by embodying garbage itself. One can no longer distinguish junk from treasure when subjected to the experience that is this movie. It rests in the upper echelons of the atmosphere. A god made of radiant waste.

Alex Fong also plays a mob boss named Yoda. I think that tells you everything you need to know.

Stunts - 90/100 | Surprised?

Narrative - 74/100 | Evil French people. Two assassins whose worlds will collide. Juicy amount of violence and (questionable) sex. Everyone guns blazing, always. How can this movie NOT be entertaining? If you think this ends any other way than a warehouse shoot-out, you haven’t been paying attention.

Fight Choreography - 87/100 | The fights are quick-paced and quite brutal when they want to be, but lack the precise choreography of legends like Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung. Still, definitely awesome.

Enjoyment - 88/100 | I’ve rarely seen a killer with more attitude than the main character played by Maria Jo. She’s amazing, why haven’t I seen her elsewhere? Godfrey Ho can also surprisingly direct? This is a classic Girls with Guns movie, not to be missed if you like this genre. The whole movie is basically in slow-motion but it fits the overall style they're going for. The finale could have been better, and I wasn't a fan of the sex scenes, but the rest is pure gold! Just ridiculous all around, but in a good, explosive way.

It’s not really a competent movie though. You’ll laugh at how bad some of this stuff is, but with an outrageous movie such as this, it kinda becomes a positive in the long run! At least for me.

TVP Germany just released this movie restored in glorious 1080p with English subs, I highly recommend supporting their efforts.

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