Zapped! ★★★★★

This telekinesis sex-comedy is a work of perverse 80s genius.

There are two utterly nonsensical sequences which are completely out of place amidst the typical frat comedy nonsense.

One in which a post-'Shining' Scatman Crothers (as a hotdog obsessed janitor; "I WANT MY SALAMI") gets accidentally high and goes bike riding with Albert Einstein and the other where Baio's new found powers enable him to animate a toy spaceship and fly it into his dog's mouth.

Oh and the ending is basically ‘Carrie’ - except instead of killing
all the students Baio makes all the girls clothes fall off.

Like many T&A comedies of its day it teeters on unwatchability throughout.

However by the end I think I had to admit it said more to me about the essence of the human condition than TREE OF LIFE.