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  • Short Vacation

    Short Vacation


    starting to think that my favorite kind of movie is one where the main character(s) simply walk around taking photos of places away from their homes. sort of Weerasethakul without the forays into the fantastical, but with an even lighter touch. I'm a bit astounded and even envious of the seemingly effortless sort of heightened naturalism the filmmakers achieve with the four main (non-professional?) actors – how they shuffle and converse around each frame provides a perfect flow for this sort of exploratory narrative. strong recommend if you also enjoy Ryuichi Hiroki's films about amateur photographers.

  • American Movie

    American Movie

    the essence of The Mountain Goats' "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" in film form.

    had been long meaning to see this and my friend urged me to watch it after having my own experience in independent filmmaking. the film didn't resonate so much on that level as much as it just did a general depiction of middle America in the pre/early-internet 90s, something outside of my own experience but at the same time still in my periphery…

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  • Diamantino



    sat behind Nathan Fielder who did not crack a single smile the entire time

  • The Endless

    The Endless


    the filmic equivalent of when the chill artisanal bro who was way too into Lost back in the day forces you to drink his mediocre homebrew beer