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This review may contain spoilers.

Rewatching Avengers Endgame, it gets better on every re-watch. I love everything about this movie. We start off by seeing the effects each of our hero’s feel from Infinty war. Many of them feel guilt such as Thor and Black Widow. Some also fear anger and rage from loosing their loved ones such as Hawkeye and Iron Man. Iron Man and Nebulla are saved by Captain Marvel from space and they all find a way too find Thanos and Thor kills him as he aims for the head, which was a nice throwback from Infinity war. The Avengers team all join up again in order to go back into time to get all of the infinity stones to reverse what Thanos did. This creates some great character interactions with some good banter particularly with Ant Man and Iron Man. We also see Hawkeye go rogue  as he’s annoyed about loosing his family, and Thor is depressed and becomes fat, and plays fortnite with Korg and Meek which is fun and a different dynamic for Thor. As the hero’s go back in time we see great scenes from the old films like the Avengers film where Hulk smashes everything to pieces, and the new Banner-Hulk does not have the same aggression and characteristics as the older version. We see Captain America fight his old self, and Iron Man have an incredibly touching moment with his Dad as he tells his how much he appreciates everything he has done for him. Similarly we see Thor and his mum have a nice interaction as we see Thor is not a disappointment in his mum’s eyes even if he thinks he is. This movie has everything great tension, we fear for our hero’s when Thano’s arrives with his army.... there’s great character interaction and banter all throughout with good humour, and there’s the great action scenes at the end in the battle. 
We see all our hero’s team up to fight off Thano’s in this film they have something to loose they are aware of his threat and go at him head on, and realise the importance of this victory, Scarlett Witch does the best job at fighting him on a 1v1 as Thano’s needs backup in order to hold her off. Captain America grabbing Thor’s shield is an iconic goosebump moment, as we see he has the power and he’s worthy just like Thor. We unfortunately don’t get too see Hulk really in combat although we see Ant Man turn massive and fight Thano’s ships which looks so cool. The moment the portals open and everyone returns is incredible. But the best part of the movie is the character arcs and the emotion. Seeing Iron Man finally have a family, he’s settled and secure yet he’s not satisfied as he feels he has a duty to save the world weather that risks his own life or not, which ultimately it does. We see Hawkeye devastated without his family so he takes it out with anger, and we see Captain America finally get his dance with Carter, and we see a nice interaction with Hawkeye and Black Widow as she dies to protect and save Hawkeyes’ family.
The CGI is great, the cinematography is also fantastic. 

Overall I’d rate this movie an easy 5 ⭐️ It is the perfect follow on from Avengers infinity war, and captures the same amazing action, fantastic humour, great characters with their acting and emotion as well as a brilliantly written story. Each time I put on an MCU film I know I am in for a treat, I think this film had some of the best moments out of the whole of the MCU with Captain America and Thor’s hammer as well as the overall huge battle at the end with all of our Hero’s returning, and the emotion with Iron Man...... however for me Avenger’s infinity war is still my favourite MCU film as I prefer this film as a whole compared to Avenger’s Endgame.

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Please let me know what’s your favourite MCU movie either Infinity War or End Game and why. 

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