The Fate of the Furious ★★★

Cresting that same bombastic wave as the last few movies, perhaps no more preposterous or ambitious than the Paul Walker sendoff before it, F8 manages to continue fine without half of its starring duo thanks to giving us more of The Rock (he literally throws a torpedo!), bringing back Jason Statham and his brother Luke Evans for a pretty well done John Woo homage aboard a plane (seriously, it makes me wish the baby was listening to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on those headphones), and centering the story on family harder than ever. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but that doesn't even cover a fraction of what this overblown spectacle delivers. Not my favorite of the second era Fast & Furious franchise, but it's not a bad entry at all. Despite his lack of acting chops, I feel like Paul Walker was kind of the earnest heart of this series and it's definitely hurting without his presence. But it's still full of all the ridiculous stuff that makes this series more consistently fun than the MCU, and I was glad to revisit in anticipation of the upcoming F9!

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