Favorite films

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • Last Year at Marienbad
  • The Exterminating Angel

Recent activity

  • The Night the World Exploded


  • A Reflection of Fear


  • Terror Beneath the Sea


  • She-Devils on Wheels


Recent reviews

  • The Yellow Sea

    The Yellow Sea

    Living in the middle of what is effectively a lawless no man's land between China, Korea and Russia – the Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture – Gu-nam ((Jung-Woo Ha) is a man with problems. His gambling addiction has landed him with debts he cannot possibly pay off, and his only solution to this situation is more gambling in the hope of a big win – an unlikely event as he’s simply not very good at it. Meanwhile, his wife has moved to…

  • Yatterman


    Takashi Miike is nothing if not unpredictable. From grim horrors like Audition to yakuza crime thrillers, violent action films and martial arts stories, he’s clearly a director keen not to rest on his laurels. Even so, this Day-Glo, family-friendly comic book movie is quite a surprise from him.

    Based on a late Seventies anime that I was (and remain) unaware of, Yatterman takes the viewer into the world of a live-action cartoon. Unlike most animation to live-action adaptations, there is…

Popular reviews

  • Suspiria



    Still my favourite Argento film and one that is especially good with the sound at neighbour-annoying levels.

  • Miracles Still Happen

    Miracles Still Happen


    A fascinating true life drama from Italy that seems to have unfortunately slipped into obscurity. It's one of those 'truth is stranger than fiction' tales - 17 year old Juliane Koepcke was the only survivor of an air disaster, plunging 10,000 feet strapped into her seat when her plane exploded above the Amazon, and suffering only minor injuries. She then survived another 10 days wandering through the jungle, following the river until she stumbled upon a logging camp.
    The film…