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  • Stop Making Sense

    Stop Making Sense

    As I type this log, the cinema of my dreams, my second home, my movie-viewing paradise, is now dead

    It was a good run. Seven long years, commencing from the wee age of Eleven. Starting with the Ottawa International Animation Festival, I grew up with the greats throughout Bytowne history. Wenders, Zeman, Dormael, Sorrentino, Haynes, Lanthimos, Guerra, Haigh, Audiard, Rozema, Stillman, Guadagnino, Sokurov, Solondz, Campos, Denis. The list is endless.

    But now, due to covid, financial constraints, and the wish…

  • Thee Wreckers Tetralogy

    Thee Wreckers Tetralogy


    Oh, for a sec', he thought he heard a voice
    But it's okay, I'm just glad you are here
    He's not dead, he's only dreaming
    Heard it all before, don't want nothing more
    Don't need nothing more

    After years of viewing these short films separately in different festivals and at home on-demand, my life is now complete with my first official one-run viewing of all four chapters of Thee Wreckers Tetralogy. Growing up with the horrific work of Rosto AD…

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  • Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street

    Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street


    The best shows on network television tend to be productions that aim to be something relevant and essential; a purposeful work of art with a clear set of intentions that are devoid of any resemblance of corporate exploitation. There’s also been a trend of documentaries that have followed the legacy of these various shows. What’s most interesting about this rising phenomena and subject matter is the amount of influence in which children’s programming has established within the entertainment sphere. From…

  • Molecules



    It all started with a letter. For Andrea Segre — a renowned Italian filmmaker — the death of his father has yet to fully ruminate. Overcoming the grief and mysterious remnants of memory left in a shambled trail of burdened experiences, Segre attempts to reconfigure his childhood home in his latest film Molecules. The result of his experiment is one that is purely therapeutic — a melancholic and contemplative reflection on mortality. Yet what ultimately separates Segre’s inaccessible subject matter…

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  • Radioactive



    The greatest threat to modern cinema isn’t streaming services, comic book flicks, or even trend-setting cinematic universes…

    It’s the rise of the Oscar-bait biopic.

    Taking the life of an influential figure, and minimizing their entire career into a cramped two hour-sub run time seems ludicrous. The existence of this genre to begin with, is simply meant to pander towards nostalgia driven elders, who crave for cinematic fantasies to re-live their idols of yesteryear. In 2019 alone, we have films based…

  • Ammonite



    alexa this is so sad, play WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion