Dave Taylor

I work, I watch movies and I parent.  That’s it.

Favorite films

  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • True Romance
  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Natural Born Killers

Recent activity

  • The Coming Pandemic


  • Double Dragon


  • DEATH by MetaL


  • The Alchemist

Recent reviews

  • The Coming Pandemic

    The Coming Pandemic


    Bird flu…..Pffft!

    Sometimes I enjoy feeling like God by watching Australian special reports from 16 years ago, knowing that the 50 minutes they spent talking about birds was less important than the 2 minutes spent on bats.

    Also, Tamiflu…thanks for nothing!

  • Double Dragon

    Double Dragon


    At the time of its release, Double Dragon was just another cheesy as fuck, slap in the face to all the video game enthusiasts out there.

    Now however, Double Dragon feels like Troma decided to go family friendly and blew their entire financial wad on a cross between a futuristic satire and a Universal Studios stunt show.

Popular reviews

  • Yes, God, Yes

    Yes, God, Yes


    How can a movie about being horny be so bland?

    I would have preferred a version of this that was re-written to be an 80’s teen sex comedy.

    As is, this resembles a risqué ‘ABC Movie of the Week’ about loving yourself (physically and emotionally).


  • Luca



    Is it possible to be nostalgic for a childhood summer you never had?