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  • All That Jazz
  • The Third Man
  • Birth
  • The Last Picture Show

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  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day


  • C'mon C'mon


  • Bone


  • My Neighbor Totoro


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  • Moon



    The score is beautiful, Sam Rockwell is spectacular, and I was riveted from the first frame.

    The Dobie's print was absolutely destroyed, making it look less like a new release and more like a lost film from the 70s that had been thrown down a flight of stairs by some rabid cats. It was glorious.

    I watched this right after my interview for the company I've worked for for four years, so it's always had sentimental attachment for me as well as it just being ridiculously good.

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    I've always had a short list of Holy Grail films, that I know MUST be seen in the theatre/cinema the very first time I see them, and maybe exclusively that way. Things like Apocalypse Now, Seven Samurai, Akira, 2001 or Eraserhead. I've worked my way through these over the years and have never regretting waiting for the experience. This has always been the elusive hold-out, until today, and it was absolutely worth the wait.

    Even more now do I understand…