The Game

The Game ★★★★½

The Game is a bizarre film. Not just for the obvious bizarre content of the film, but for how you have to watch it. There are so many coincidences, plot holes, conveniences, that if you start to think too much about certain things while watching it, it takes away from the fun. At the same time, it's definitely not 'turn your mind off' entertainment. It's a tense thrill ride that requires you to be focused and follow as the protagonist gets whipped up in the flurry that is 'The Game'.

At about any single point in the film, I thought I had things figured out. But as soon as some new event or twist would occur, I'd be immediately assured of myself that I still had it figured out, just the opposite of what I had originally thought. In other words, I didn't have this figured out at, right up until the end. There are plenty of hints, but just as many fake-outs, that you really believe that it could end any which way.

The Game is a film that requires a huge suspension of disbelief (If a character took a different action at just about any point in the film, the whole thing wouldn't have worked). But when a director such as Fincher can craft it so well, I'll suspend all the disbelief he requires me to.

I thought about giving it 4 stars, but the fact this is currently making me doubt my own life is worth another half.

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