Dune ★★★★

So Dune finally this movie come out and I had chance to see at home on screen .
Before someone says why you are watching movie like this one on small screen when it was made for cinemas ,I must tell you that I am in isolation .
Dont worry Im fine ,my parents have Covid but only small symptoms so when I am free to go I will see film in cinema to maybe then I will grade it higher .
But to my opinion Dune is one very big scale film and in every scene you can see that and Dennis once again proved that he is one of best directors working today .
Story here to me was interesting but also tiny bit dull and I was left bored in few scenes but overall still very good .
Characters were mixed bag to me ,some were ok like Paul and Jessica but some were unexplored like Harkonen and Leto but maybe in sequel they will have bigger screentime at least Harkonen .
Look of film is of course amazing and CGI looked great .
While score was tiny bit to repipative .

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