Held ★★★



Held is film that I thought it will be another bad and crappy watch but I was wrong cause I had a dose of fun with this movie even though it has some noticable flaws in it, so Held is a movie that can be a solid watch if you dont have to big expectations from it and you dont think how it will have some mind blowing staff in it, so then you may enjoy this movie a little bit more.

Story here was told in a ok way and I liked how its mystery was working during most of runtime even though its plot twist may be little predictable to some, but for me it wasnt at all, sure we may got some signs what will happen and come but such staff was shown in a very small doses, also acts in a movie were all ok and done in a fine way, some scenes may felt little out of place but I didnt mind that to much, so story to me was done in a ok way.

Characters were ok to but honestly little uninteresting and I had problem with connecting towards them and rooting for them, maybe a main problem for that was non existant chemistry between our lead actors but still in a acting segment they did a solid job, so simply said their characters were underwhelming by a bit but their acting roles were good for this kind of movie.

Tehnical parts were survicable and watchable, direction was ok and it had solid use of atmosfere in it, script was meh but I didnt expect nothing more from it while look of movie was ok.

Pros - Acting, some story details

Cons - Characters, chemistry, some predictable moments

This was better movie then I thought it will be