• Don't Deliver Us from Evil

    Don't Deliver Us from Evil


    Love Exposure and Aku no Hana's evil child. 😈

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    "I finished watching the Netflix film "Midnight Mass" by Mike Flanagan, up to episode 7. Excellent! A masterpiece! This is not just a horror film! Set on a micro remote island, it tells a macro story of this modern society.

    Awe and salvation, repentance and liberation, faith and love, life and the universe. I want you to watch it without knowing anything about it. I recommend it! But there will be blood." - Hideo Kojima

    *****retweeted by Mike Flanagan*****

    Wow, now ressurrect Silent Hill together please!

  • The Warped Forest

    The Warped Forest


    It has been almost 10 years since I watched the movies from Katsuhito Ishii, but "The Warped Forest" is a reminder that you just don't ever move on from weird Japan. It took so many years for this movie to come out that Fumi Nikaido still looks so young (and she is my favourite character).

    It doesn't matter if your life isn't going the way you want, you will always find fun in these films.

  • Reflect On That Boys

    Reflect On That Boys


    Sion Sono's only JAV and my first one as well, so I can't really compare it to anything else in the genre. This movie is around 50% of dialogue and 50% of sex. The dialogue scenes are actually the best parts as we get to meet Reimi and Komachi, what they search for in a man and their opposite views (fuck vs love). The girls are cute and funny and I actually cared about what they had to say, but…

  • Reflect On That Boys

    Reflect On That Boys

    Is anyone able to get this movie from here and share a download link? Credit cards don't seem to work outside Japan. I could create english subs afterwards. Thanks!

  • Happiness Avenue

    Happiness Avenue


    Rare japanese mad punk film in which Sion Sono plays a role, released in the same year as A Man's Flower Road. The 8mm, the energy, the screaming and the running were actually very reminescent of Sion Sono's early stuff. Also, it takes guerrila filmmaking to another level.

    This movie made me feel like its director and Sono were BFF at that time as they seemed to share the same ideas. Although I could find some qualities in it, the…

  • Sion Sono Fantasia Short Film Collection

    Sion Sono Fantasia Short Film Collection



    This is a collection of four short films shot featuring (then) up and coming gravure idols. Sion Sono fans will recognize some of his traits such as enthusiastic cameramans, boobs and human issues like personal identity disorder, social alienation, suicide and the virtual world.

    There's horror, mystery, drama and a lots of silliness. Soundtrack is chilling. It's actually very entertaining for what it is and even though some of it is forgettable, you can't complain that Sion Sono didn't…

  • Tokyo Vampire Hotel

    Tokyo Vampire Hotel


    This version of the series is so much fun and still feels like an actual movie, even though it removes so much stuff from the series.

    There's just so much action and blood it makes it feel like a roller coaster in comparison with the series which in contrast takes its time to develop more story.

    Interestingly enough, the movie contains one extended scene with a few additional lines, a new monologue in romanian and a new ending scene (less…

  • Ride or Die

    Ride or Die


    So.. much... emotions!

    Kiko Mizuhara finally gets a good leading role in a movie and she's outstanding. My favourite performance of the year so far.

    Also, what a beautiful looking movie. It just looks so modern and smooth.

    Zack Snyder said a few days ago at Justice Con that in order to fully understand a character, you need to flex it so hard it might break which was the point of this movie.

    My new love in japanese cinema and an extra 1/2 star for YUI. ❤

  • Drowning Love

    Drowning Love


    Strangely cute teen romance. One of those atmosphere > plot movies.

    The story progresses at such a confusing pace it left me thinking that a 3 or 4-hour cut was needed to adapt the manga, which I had never heard of. Either way, I honestly think that the flaws in the script gave this movie an interesting feeling as I went along with the "huh?" moments and saw it as a way to describe Natsume's feelings of confusion on moving from…

  • Inside Ghibli's Creation: 400 Days of Clash Between Hayao Miyazaki and The New Director

    Inside Ghibli's Creation: 400 Days of Clash Between Hayao Miyazaki and The New Director


    Maro's brutally honest face of "I have no idea what I'm doing" is so funny. I liked how this documentary focused not only of the creation of "The Secret World of Arrietty", but also on the employees' behaviour within Studio Ghibli. It got quite emotional when Miyazaki himself shed a tear after watching the movie for the first time. Glad this man was able to become a director and went on to create his own studio later with his talent and hard work.

  • Only God Forgives

    Only God Forgives


    Rewatched this movie for the first time since living in Bangkok for 6 months. The rooftops, nightlife, street food, dirty streets, martial arts and ladyboys.. I love how Nicolas Winding Refn captures the wildness of this city. It's exactly the way I saw it during my time living there, a place where so many things seem to be illegal. It just missed some cock fights and other funny things. Also, this isn't something no one hasn't said yet before but yeah, what a gorgeous looking movie!