Tenet ★★★★

A friend, who I treated this to as a belated Birthday gift negatively described it as feeling like a random ep of a TV series we're not yet privy to. Like a "Previously on Tenet" type deal, which just made me love it even more. She also went on to gripe about how little she cared about the characters (a very common complaint,) but also the needless use of time travel (a first I ever heard of that.) But, I mean, Dark Knight trilogy and Interstellar (and maybe The Prestige) aside I don't really think Nolan's all that good in the whole character emotion, development thing. It's the ideas and spectacles that he's truly in his wheelhouse, and oh boy is this certainly one.

Seen it 4 times now. As you can clearly tell I obviously dig it. But I think I've had my fill of it for a while now. It's scheduled for a Blu-Ray release next month but I don't think I'll get it immediately. Course it will be Xmas too so even if I did want it I probably wouldn't be able to afford it anyway...

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