A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★

Randomly decided to rewatch this sequel this evening - rather than start from scratch - as I couldn’t remember much about it whereas I knew I loved 1 & 3 and hated 2. Plus after watching the imaginative and appealing Renny Harlin flick Prison last night this seemed like a good time for a reassessment.

It’s okay. In terms of dream sequences, it has some really fantastic moments; lots of gooey, rubbery, plasticy imagery, some truly gross if risible scenes (the pizza!), and a decentish climax. Alas, the characters are so dull - there’s no Heather Langenkamp or Patricia Arquette equivalents - and I mostly found Fred Krueger himself insufferable and over utilised. The film is mostly a series of setpieces strung together with a gossamer-thin story and on that level it works, but it lacks the streamlined, beautiful efficiency and scares of the original or the truly fun madness of Dream Warriors.

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