Children of Men

Children of Men ★★★★★

I have to raise my original rating, this is perfect!

While re-watching this, i realized it was absolutely insane of me to think, this only deserved 9/10, Its an absolute masterpiece of a movie!!

Now, i could start talking about how the cinematography and design of this (which is one of the greatest), but for me their is something far more important! The story.

The world with no kids, is a cruel and heartless one, therefore the power of a new kid in this world, is so beautiful! it is so important to find the innocence and hope in the world, thats what can make people set aside their hate and differences.

This makes my cry buckets, its hard to say exactly why, but this movies truly makes you see the beauty in the miracle of life.

My Alltime Favorit Alfonso Guarón Movie:
1. Children of Men
2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
3. Y tu mamá también
4. Roma
5. A Little Princess
6. Gravity