Love and Monsters ★★★★

"Don't settle. You don't have to. Even at the end of the world." - Joel

"Love and Monsters" is a thrilling, vibrant, feel good, post apocalyptic coming of age tale. As a planet ending meteorite hurls towards earth, all the respective powers across the globe promptly nuke it mid air, to attempt to avoid absolute devastation. Ultimately this does destroy the meteorite before impact, but results in the mutation of most animals and insects alike, due to all the chemical fallout.

Seven years pass and only 5% of Earth's population remain. At this point most humans are left to hide underground in various bunkers and caverns. We meet main protagonist Joel (played by Dylan O'Brien) living with a small Colony of survivors in an underground bunker. Each of the survivors have their own jobs, whether it be defensive measures, scavenging, cooking, or radio control.

Joel is a bit more reserved than the other members of his Colony, usually leaving him to man the radio, or be the one to cook. Sick of going through the motions and feeling lonely inside the walls of his Colony, Joel radios a neighboring Colony that also happens to house his ex girlfriend from before the apocalypse. Right then and their deciding to venture forth and go on an 80 mile quest to find the love he so desperately desires.

What follows is a tense, heartfelt, and surprising journey. Finding friendship, danger, as well as ultimately some peace along the way. The beautiful cinematography, impressive CGI, and well written characters, had me absolutely lost and engrossed in this apocalyptic world. Dylan O'Brien is an absolute delight as the lonely, yet loveable Joel, and Michael Rooker as Clyde (one of the survivors Joel meets along the way) is completely charismatic and convincing as a seasoned survivor of the Monsterpocalypse.

In the end I really enjoyed this films message, it's cast of characters, and it's world building. "Love and Monsters" is an entertainingly good film, the entire family could enjoy. I would love to see more from this universe somewhere down the line and most definitely will be revisiting this one for years to come.

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