Courting Chaos

Courting Chaos ½

This baffling movie is about a young model who abandons her career at a whim to be a Venice Beach street clown, study clowning, and hang out with a bunch of other street clowns, who talk about their art VERY seriously, despite never doing anything remotely funny, artistic, or entertaining. I have absolutely no idea how they draw a crowd or make money. Their routines are shown at length and you will be clawing your eyes out. 

Believe me as a minor bad movie personage that this is one of the biggest pieces of shit you’ll ever see. It was oddly fascinating, but as someone who’s also made a career in entertainment in various ways, the absolute talentless fuckery on display, and the self-serious self-congratulatory attitudes of all of the “entertainers,” about their absolute turds of routines, had me wanting to force the writer/director to appear in front of a tribunal so I could yell at him.