Tenet ★★★★½

A thumping soundtrack on a big IMAX screen is already worth its wait, but with Nolan it’s on another level.
The story can often feel like it’s opening each layer up every few minutes and can overwhelm you very easily.
I actually enjoyed having to jog through this marathon of a movie with all it’s minor flaws. 
Sure it’s not as emotionally striking as his previous films, nor does it give you time to breathe or take a break. 
It’s Nolan at his most complex and I feel like we needed this after so many months at home. We needed the challenge of expanding our minds to ideas, thoughts and spectacle like never before. I’ll obviously see it again and enjoy it more without the constant keeping up.

I’ll remember this as a special movie for a special time when life has become so odd and Nolan helped it all feel normal again.

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