The Descent

The Descent ★★★½

Feeling claustrophobic like the walls are closing in
Bloodstains on my hands and I don't know where I've been

Very interesting as the film, in its first part, makes a lot use of open plans and maintains a certain distance from the characters, with the camera filming scenarios and emphasizing a vast universe of natures and adventures, to quickly get closer to the characters in the plot and bring the camera much closer to them. The open space gives way to an extremely closed and claustrophobic environment, which makes the spectator manage to emerge in the story in a very intelligent way, as if you were following the steps of a trail ourselves. Each time we feel more uncomfortable and suffocated watching the film, and that is exactly what the direction wanted to accomplish. Several films have already adopted this theme of punishing the public with characters trapped in a dead end and having to risk their lives to survive, such as buried (2010) and 127 hours (2010). Far from being bad films, but they generate a feeling of tiredness for those who are watching, precisely because we already know in advance that the scenario will be the same from beginning to end, given the vulnerability of those involved in the catastrophe. Not here. Marshall manages to explore the scene very well and creates a sultry, oppressive and ghostly atmosphere, without creating saturation as in the other films mentioned.

The soundtrack also knows how to give space to the setting of the film, without overlapping events and sounding forced. We can hear the dripping noise on the cave walls, the frightening echoes and the cautious steps taken by the characters, all very clearly, which makes the jump scare moments, which are inevitable, become quite natural and cause real moments of "shiver down the spine".

It is also worth highlighting the deconstruction of cliches established quickly and abruptly, such as a family trip and a meeting of friends, very typical of films of the genre. Instead of the film bringing that image of schoolgirls enjoying their youth, the direction brings us characters that apparently have matured and are past this life and all are meeting again much older than they were in the past, which ends up generating more sobriety to the horror itself .

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