The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★★

If this is what the future of horror films look like, I’m all in.

I’m not just giving this five stars because it was the last thing I saw in something called a cinema... I just love this film for many reasons. One of my main reasons for loving this is that it feels like Leigh Whannell has full control over the film. The lighting, the sound design, and the script feel as if it’s all just completely controlled to show us the best version of this story possible. It has a lower budget but he doesn’t write it to require anything more than what he has. He uses that like homemade filmmaker sensibility and I LOVE IT. One of the other things I love is the way he uses the language of film against the audience and to build tension. He’s never laughing in our face but he’s going to make a shot of an empty room make us writhe in our seats... or couch or bed. I normally hate when a film really leans into color grading, but this film feels like uses it on purpose... everything feels so cold and hopeless, I mean seriously, look at the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s literally like black in the one shot it’s in. And I don’t really have to say anything about Elizabeth Moss’s performance... it’s just amazing. And one day I’ll watch this again and just create a fifteen page essay talking about the knife scene... yeah you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it... oh yeah. Anyway, I love it. Bring on Wolfman with Ryan Gosling. Please film it quickly and just release it to rent because I will watch it over and over.

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