Dan Hill

Dan Hill


Narrative enthusiast. John Hyams appreciator. Red headed process fiend.

Favorite films

  • Alien
  • Halloween
  • Sorcerer
  • The Parallax View

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  • The Manchurian Candidate


  • Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror


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Recent reviews

  • Lost Bullet

    Lost Bullet


    Another rock solid Netflix produced action/thriller, this time with some pretty great stunt work including a heck of a fight in a police station.

  • Below Zero

    Below Zero


    One of the good things about Netflix is they are giving a home to these low to mid budget thrillers that no one seems to make anymore.

    This movie is shot in cold stark tones, like a Scandinavian Noir, that belies its Spanish origins. The performances are all rock solid.

    The setup here is minimal but every drop of tension is wrought from it. The movie toys with our expectations around the criminals on the bus. It also dabbles with…

Popular reviews

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    Solid and enjoyable effort. It does enough differently to separate it from its forebears, but not enough to be the saviour of the genre some have touted it as.

  • Bacurau



    A heady brew. Starts off as a social drama detailing the troubles of an isolated village in Northern Brazil before bringing in elements of The Most Dangerous Game, grindhouse and early John Carpenter. Also includes:

    - Udo Kier
    - Hallucinogens
    - Drones disguised as UFOs
    - A capoeira sequence set to sythnwave
    - A Bolsanaro like figure being ridiculed at every turn.
    - Nudity in all of its non-airbrushed glory.