Justice League: War

Watched on a laptop, parked in front of an emergency vet's office (the dog is OK now).

I am a bit surprised by how thoroughly Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder plundered this and/or the comic books on which this is based, for Justice League (2021). Not that that is particularly a compliment to any given property. The story is pretty silly again, and other than an admirable focus on eye-based body horror, it's nothing you haven't seen. But the plus here is that this is kind of funny. It's not exactly Marvel-esque, but still there are character moments that are good for out loud chuckles is not outright laughs.

As with most of the recent DCAU Justice League movies, it is decent enough as a distraction that requires very little mental attention. I suspect you could use it as background noise for (mindfullness) meditation and it wouldn't interfere.