Unicorn Store

Unicorn Store ★★★½

This movie was very silly, wholesome, and fun. I didn’t know what to make of it at first but as the runtime progressed, I just kept getting pulled in by the strange charm of this story. It’s visually interesting, the characters are sweet and fun to watch, and the tone is whimsical. 

Brie Larson shines in the lead performance and also really impressed me as a director. I wasn’t expecting the film to have such a uniquely strange tone or style but it was surprisingly well crafted and cohesive. The cinematography is great for most of the film and the lighting is beautiful except for a few scenes with too many lens flares. I definitely would like to see her do more behind the camera after seeing this movie. Sam Jackson chews the scenery in his strange role and he was the one that tipped me off to this film not taking itself too seriously. His character helped me understand the intentions of the film and once I got on board, I had a good time. 

It’s just a sweet little movie, nothing that blew me away but it was delightful and left me smiling. Definitely watch this one if you need a pick me up and you’re looking for something personal and cute. Brie Larson is becoming one of my favorite talents now between all the stuff I’ve seen her in lately, I really need to get around to watching Room.