I rewatched this at my parents’ house on their tiny tv with no sound setup other than the built in speakers & I still think the fuss about the audio mixing is wildly blown out of proportion. The only sequence that really felt difficult to make out was the train-yard interrogation. My dad who hadn’t seen the film yet never really had trouble picking up what was happening.

I’ve decided this is my favorite Nolan movie. I know that’s an unpopular take considering how divisive Tenet is but I am enthralled by it every time. I think it’s his most inventive and massive undertaking yet and I enjoy rewatching it more than any of his other movies. I think a lot of that has to do with the charm of Washington and Pattinson in the lead roles. Ludwig’s musical score is a big plus too, it is easily one of the most forward-thinking and interesting soundtracks I’ve heard in a movie of this scale. 

We would watch WW1984 today too if the tv at home was HBO Max compatible but it was a treat to be able to watch a new(er) movie with the family. We will probably watch Soul tonight which I am more eager to see than Wonder Woman anyway at this point.

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