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This review may contain spoilers.

Tenet kicks ass. This movie is not perfect, and I am not even a huge Nolan fanboy, but I cannot help but admire the sheer ambition of this narrative and how technically astonishing it was. This rewatch cleared up a ton of questions I had about the narrative on my initial viewing but I am still slightly confused about a few things. 

I already went into everything I didn’t care for in my first review so I won’t spend much time on that. I honestly love this movie a lot more than I was expecting to. I don’t typically go crazy for Nolan’s films and this one in particular seems very divisive so I am surprised that I enjoyed it this much.

I found the narrative twists and turns very satisfying. The reveal that the protagonist was fighting his inverted self in the Freeport hallway was masterfully executed. Neil’s story ended in a manner that was surprisingly compelling given how little we know about the two leads. His sacrifice felt earned and hit hard.

The film does have faults but the spectacle is so fun for me and the performances are all strong enough that I can easily look past some of the issues I have with this movie. 

Tenet gets tons of bonus points for the jaw dropping effect of the building reforming and exploding at the same time. That and some of the action sequences in this film really felt like Nolan breaking new ground. There’s some stuff here that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The music is killer too.

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