The Dark Knight

Yeah, it’s still a masterpiece. My only problems with the movie have less to do with the dark knight and more just our cultural norms that bleed into films. Fir example the film is copaganda- it’s not going to address the fact that commissioner Gordon is complicit with a systemically racist system, but it’s gonna be a while before a Batman movie touches only something like that. My main problem is just the demonization and inaccurate representation of mental illness. No, I’m not talking about the joker- I’m talking about jokers goon who is a paranoid schizophrenic  and the guy with a bomb sewed into his chest. Alfred’s story of the gem bandit really rubbed me the wrong way. Like here’s this British imperialist talking about how he’s trying to take power from the locals and the guy resisting the empire is the monster in this story? That’s just really such a backwards ass concept to me. The bandit is the hero as far as I’m concerned. I feel like the more I learn about politics the less I like the dark knight. I could like it as a little kid from a film making perspective, but the dark knight is politically fucking wack. Nolan seems to really misunderstand what anarchy actually is as an ideology, framing the liberal status quo as something that should be defended with fascism. I mean shit, Batman defeats the villain with post 9/11 patriot act tactics. The film says “this is wrong” but shows that it’s a necessary evil, which is really just a defense of the surveillance system. The film is pro Imperialist and capitalist- as is most Batman media by default. Many scenes revolve around criminals, but it’s never brought up why they commit crimes, why bank robberies happen, what makes them so desperate to do so. To actually confront the root cause of crime would be to acknowledge the problems inherent to capitalism- that Bruce Wayne is rich enough to end poverty in Gotham singlehandedly, but refuses to do so, just as in real life Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk refuses to do so. I’m normally not that critical of blockbusters, but dark knight is supposedly a higher sort of film- the thinking mans blockbuster- but still espouses neoliberal capitalist ideology. I’m really divided on how I feel about the dark knight. The film is pretty much perfect aside from stuff like that, but it’s in mainstream media that inaccurate and harmful ideas are represented and propagated. I can’t really give it a star rating- the way I feel isn’t something that can be expressed numerically.