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  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    Oh boy, this one ain’t it chief. This movie is bafflingly stupid in the worst way possible. The plot is almost incoherent, characters make decisions that make no sense, and story elements get brought up only to be never followed up on. The villains can’t hold a candle to Nicholson’s joker. The fact that the whole movie takes place in only three locations or so, and all the city scenes are in a single block make for a very cramped feeling Gotham. Hot take Tim burton is a hack and he should stop making movies.

  • Batman



    Jack Nicholson is the real star. Tim Burton seems to deeply misunderstand Batman as a character, and Micheal Keaton just ain’t it chief. The score is great, the story is serviceable, action and effects are well done for the time. I have a serious problem with Batman killing tons of people, but that’s been talked about a lot already. Tim Burton said he had never read a Batman comic before and it shows.I get that this movie would eventually lead to our modern comic book film culture, but it’s mediocre.

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It isn’t really what I expected. I was expecting there to be more Charles Manson in the film. The movie doesn’t really have a plot, or at least it doesn’t follow a conventional plot structure. Events just sort of occur in a sequence, ending in a very bloody fight. It isn’t Tarantino’s best film, in my opinion. Django unchained is still my favorite Tarantino film. I’m not sure how my opinion will change on multiple rewatches. Also the ending changes…

  • The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender


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