WALL·E ★★★

WALL-E (2008, Andrew Stanton) was a curveball from Pixar (at least in my opinion) - with the first half of the film having very little dialogue, WALL-E's tone was somewhat more 'arty' and profound. Something more...adult.

The Earth has been abandoned for many years after the environment was destroyed. The only thing left is a little robot named WALL-E (voiced by Ben Burtt) who was part of a fleet designed to clear up the planet while all the humans travel around space, planning to return to their spruced-up home. A modern, new robot arrives on the planet and piques the lonely robots interest - and so he stows away on her ship while she 'follows her directive'.

I think the more serious theme and tone it was a little lost on me whenever I watched this film. I was there for the talking toys, bugs and monsters of Pixar and the lackthereof never seemed to appeal much to me.

Even so, the film was high up on my list to rewatch based on its popularity. And I decided to chuck my phone on airplane mode, close the curtains and take it all in.

Which I'm glad I did because honestly, Wall-E is stunning. From the stars, to the garbage cityscape, to the inventive and slightly chilling space-cruise ship. Coupled with the poignant story about looking after the environment, the film is enjoyable to watch. But nowhere near comparable to the rest of the Pixar filmography, I'm sad to say.

Quotability and lovable characters are key to me and always front and center in Pixar films. So despite this film and it's characters being charming, the love story between waste management robot Wall-E and sleek plant-seeker machine Eve (voiced by Elissa Knight), which seemed to take place instead of the usual antics ,didn't appeal to me. To be honest, it made me feel uncomfortable. I think it would've worked a lot better as a friendship which would make it more fun and relatable for kids.

The old-timey romantic music is just a little too saccharine and just not for me. The rest of the score reminds me of Finding Nemo, and how I'd probably prefer watching that.

Still, it was worth the full experience for the gorgeous animation and the touching story.

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