Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer ★★★★


When Josh Waitzkin begins to show his unknown talent for chess, he slowly starts to become a child prodigy, surprising and delighting anyone he meets.

I had to watch this for Film Class, but I watched it days ago and I’m just logging it; 
Called a Classic by many, Searching For Bobby Fischer is an immaculate, ahead of its time movie about a chess prodigy and the connection he shares with his Father and Teacher. It really packs a punch, because this kid, who is still only 7, just wants to do what he’s good at while having fun, and he gets stuck in this rut where he doesn’t get to explore his talent more than just the competitive side of it. It’s a wonderful story that can be found relatable by many. The performances are real. No one, and I mean no one, feels like an Actor. Every one of these Actors and Actresses flex their muscles, showcasing some of the best performances I’ve seen from an 90’s movie thus far. As a person who isn’t a fan of these kinds of films, I can proudly say I was unexpectedly surprised and happy with the watch.

The Story itself, based off real events, is just expertly crafted and I honestly can’t think of anything better they could’ve done. It never got boring or convoluted, and I absolutely loved those aspects. It does overstay it’s welcome some towards the end, and feels like they could’ve closed it out much sooner with a more satisfying ending, but I quite enjoyed it and I don’t think there’s many issues here. Bobby Fischer himself is mentioned bunches of times throughout the film, and I had no clue who he was until watching it. I’m really interested in researching more about his life, though, and I find him a fascinating figure. The Score is SO 90’s and sounds so generic at times, with the ups and downs and twists and turns that every movie had, but it still helped enhance the scenes that needed good sound. Not many complaints with this one; Searching for Bobby Fischer is a great standout film from the 90’s and I enjoyed it quite a bit. 

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