Tenet ★★★½

The movie I was excited for the most this year. However, once the reviews started coming in I lowered my expectations and I'm glad I did because I was still a little disappointed by it. From technical point of view this movie is quite well done, I personally didn't mind the sound mixing which many people complained about, even though I watched it with subtitles so maybe I just didn't notice. Tenet shares many flaws with Nolan's previous movies - lack of character development or having any kind of knowledge of their background (which isn't always necessary but it helps the viewers to connect with the characters and feel for them), weirdly written dialogue which doesn't feel very human (and scenes which were set up only for characters to have space to talk about stuff but it felt forced and out of place) and the inability to create believable female character. It is a fun action movie but that's it, Tenet doesn't work with the full potential of some ideas this movie introduces us to. I expected something with more meaning or maybe something more psychological which absolutely had the potential to be but the movie failed at presenting any kind of interesting thoughts. The story itself isn't that interesting and it also lacks any kind of emotions. And to be honest I didn't love the performance of Robert Pattinson here either - even though he is one of my favourite actors. I guess it's because I wasn't able to connect with any of the characters. And the movie was quite long I think it could have been a bit shorter.
Oh, and I liked the soundtrack - I like bass heavy sounds that make your whole body vibrate so, in that department I wasn't disappointed at least.

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