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  • Pinocchio


    Before Guillermo del Toro and Robert Zemeckis even get the chance to duke it out with competing modern Pinocchio adaptations, a third contender slipped to the front of the line, and that contender was—of all people—Matteo Garrone. That's right, the same man who gave us the whimsical tales of a family man becoming delusional from the prospect of cheap reality TV fame and a small-town dog groomer abused by a coke-addicted psychopath is naturally the first person one would expect…

  • Mimic


    Even the most jaded person on the face of this planet would have a difficult time disliking Guillermo del Toro. Before you begin to examine the quality of his filmography, the man just exudes this huggable teddy bear aura that, coupled with his almost-childlike fascination with fairytale wonderment, makes him seem like an all-around lovable dude. The Weinsteins, however, seemed to have enough contempt for the man to make the production of his sophomore effort Mimic a living hell-scape far…

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  • The Most Beautiful

    The Most Beautiful

    The prospect of viewing a Japanese WWII propaganda film intrigued me, so in an effort to complete the filmography of renowned G.O.A.T. contender Akira Kurosawa, queuing up The Most Beautiful ended up killing two birds with one stone. Considering these two factors at play, what surprised me most about this film was that The Most Beautiful ended up feeling more like The Most Boring.

    Consider my intrigue towards Japanese propaganda fulfilled and in no need of further nourishment. It was

  • Luca



    In the past, I've spoken about the difficulties in attempting to be as objective as possible in film criticism. Luca presents two opposing dilemmas in that regard, because just like the last film with which I raised this concern (Raya and the Last Dragon), the fact that this is a Disney effort and—more to the point—a Disney+ exclusive instantly inclines me towards a negative reaction (it's still "fuck Disney!" around these parts). That said, I do come from an Italian…

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  • Raise the Red Lantern

    Raise the Red Lantern


    Zhang Yimou is probably best known for his unparalleled use of colour, so it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that Raise the Red Lantern easily excels in its display of luscious hues, in particular—you guessed it—cyan! *checks notes* Uh, no wait... yep, no, that would be red. RED would be Zhang's colour of choice in this specific masterpiece...

    A period tale showcasing the Chinese concubine system, Raise the Red Lantern is so searing in its depiction that…