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  • Made



    Perfect 3 star movie. Flimsy script and lackluster direction that can’t even be saved by Doyle’s camerawork (tho I caught it glimpse of a stunning red wall in a scene that recalled In the Mood for Love)...yet still a lot of fun! And 100x more watchable than Swingers imo. I do almost wish someone with the energy like Liman directed bc Favreau just rly doesn’t seem to care. I’m certain he just thought hiring Doyle would solve this issue lol.…

  • Burroughs: The Movie

    Burroughs: The Movie


    Breezy, fun, and deeply felt.

    Cant think of another documentary (with the exception of maybe “Let it Come Down” of Burroughs’ good friend Paul Bowles) where there’s such access given to a filmmaker of a great writer still in action.

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  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Perhaps it’s fitting for a film so elusive that Abel seems to have the fuzziest of memories about the making. At the q&a I attended, when asked about what he thought of the film seeing it 20+ years later, he said something to the affect of “I was like who the fuck made this?!” And when Willem Dafoe remarked that he remembered a lot of improvisation on set, Abel said “you do?”

    Other highlights from said q&a:

    - “when I…

  • Gummo



    Tough to write about this one with a sense objectivity since I consider it one of the three or so films that acted as my induction into cinephilia...and music, and the world of contemporary art for that matter.

    Having as much in common with the work of Mike Kelly or the Viennese Actionists as it does with his cinematic influences like the eponymous Gummo Marx (and his more famous brothers), the raw docudramas of Alan Clarke, or the assemblage editing…