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  • Tenet


    The prettiest, longest, most confusing watch commercial I’ve ever seen.

  • The Alchemist Cookbook

    The Alchemist Cookbook

    This movie is fascinating, bananas, barely categorizable, and exactly the kind of full bore weirdness that I love from low budget indie horror films. Both performances are fantastic, there are moments of wild hilarity and unconventional terror. I don’t know what else to say other than the movie was exactly what I wanted because it was nothing I expected.

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  • Genghis Blues

    Genghis Blues

    This documentary is absolute magic. Unlike most people who would just stumble onto this film blindly, I sought it out after I learned that a documentary existed which featured Ondar, the Tuvan throat singer who became (slightly) famous for being able to sing two notes at the same time by training his voice to do harmonics.

    That was interesting enough to me on its own, but I was overjoyed to learn that the documentary was actually a delightful meeting of…

  • Pontypool



    It’s rare that you can think of an effective use of nonsense to make a point. Some satire is nonsensical to point out absurdity. Lewis Carroll was an aficionado of nonsense. But I’ve never seen nonsense weaponized in such a smart and prescient way as it is in Pontypool. 

    Ostensibly a story about a shock jock DJ dealing with an unusual zombie outbreak, the movie has MUCH more on its mind than that. It predicted fake news, it illustrated crowdthink,…